Shoalhaven Community Radio, "Triple U FM" is a community broadcaster in the Shoalhaven area of the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia, covering approximately 4400sq/Km which makes up the Shoalhaven, stretching from Gerroa/Gerringong in the North to Termeil in the South and West beyond the coastal escarpment including Kangaroo Valley and areas East of Robertson. We have three separate transmitters to enable us to cover such a large geographical area.

We offer a diverse variety of programs to cater for all listener tastes. Live broadcasts are presented by volunteers who are members of the association. Our news and weather content is sourced locally and from the CBAA Satellite National News. Our programs are for the most part, produced locally by the Triple U FM community or by live broadcast out of Triple U-FM’s studios.

Triple U FM also broadcasts syndicated programming from sources such as the Community Radio Satellite Network (COMRADSAT), BBC World Service, Indigenous Radio Service (NIRS) and other services. We have a fundamental program policy of encouraging the production and presentation of programs produced in the Shoalhaven with content relevant for the wider Shoalhaven community and the many thousands of short and long term visitors to the Shoalhaven's tourist destinations.


Objectives of Shoalhaven Community Radio Incorporated Licensee of Triple U FM (Extract from Constitution 1984, edited)

To provide a public broadcasting service in the Shoalhaven area by forming and operating an independent community broadcasting station, which will complement and supplement existing radio services being provided in the area. To meet the communication needs of those within the region by catering for and reflecting the widest possible spectrum of information, opinions, values and interests in and about the Shoalhaven Region, and provide the greatest possible amount of community access in broadcasting. To extend the range of meaningful services available to the public, and to encourage public participation in programming, transmission, policy and station management. To provide programs for the listening enjoyment of all persons, including but not limited to music, news, general knowledge, educational, children's programs, special interests. To broadcast in high fidelity FM stereo. To provide the opportunity for individual groups, organizations, associations and elected representatives of local, state and federal government to have access to produce or present programs, and to encourage all interested persons to use the station and to provide access to them. To train persons in broadcasting technique, communications and any other skills consistent with the aims of the association. To use any surplus money resulting from fund raising, promotion, subscription, donation, grant or otherwise to carry out the association's objectives. To abide by the code of ethics of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia. To observe the codes and standards of broadcasting as required by the Broadcasting Act and the Australian Communications & Media Authority. To encourage all persons in the community to assist inthe further advancement of the associations aims and objectives To publish a newsletter/magazine/website to publicise the objectives of the association.


Becoming a member of Triple U FM is easy and entitles you to be a part of the team of volunteers that makes up your Community Radio.  If you have skills, we can use them, if you have a passion for music or enjoy talking to other people, you can share that passion with our audience and present your own program. Triple U FM will provide you with training at a comfortable pace which suits your situation. After training of a few hours, you will be able to conduct your own program, pending availability of a suitable time slot.

If you don't aspire to be a radio presenter, we can offer you other opportunities to volunteer your time and skills in areas such Technical, IT, Website construction and maintenance, multimedia production, news gathering, administration, accounting, etc. We invite you to join our team at Triple U FM, Your Community Radio Station.

Membership Applications are available from our administrative office.


  • $60.00 FAMILY
  • $50.00 INDIVIDUAL
  • $25 CONCESSIONAL STUDENTS & PENSIONERS (Student category requires proof of status)



  • $10.00 to all Community Members

    Membership entitles you to be involved with the many aspects of operating a radio station including program production, technical, administraive, sales, news gathering, interviewing and research.
    You will be given basic training as part of your membership. Our broadcast and production studios in the Shoalhaven City Arts Centre offers a safe, comfortable & rewarding environment for our members and guests.

The Shoalhaven Regional Gallery is conveniently located at the centre of the CBD at 12 Berry St, Nowra close to adequate parking or public transport if required. Members are expected to attend the organization's General Meetings and Annual General Meeting.




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